D'Aniello Giugliano

Via Aniello Palumbo 55, Giugliano in Campania (Napoli), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Tuesday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Wednesday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Thursday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Friday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Saturday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Sunday 09:00-13:00,16:00-20:00


D'Aniello is a very important reference for deluxe shopping; the Group owns 5 stores in the north of Naples, among Villaricca, Aversa and Giugliano.

All the 5 boutiques have a strong identity; the 500 mq store in Villarica is located inside a nineteenth-century court.

The 250 mq stores in Giugliano in Campania, Via Palumbo, proposes the coolest collections for a younger target, while in Aversa the Group owns 3 stores.


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