Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen brand, as the homonymous British designer, was born around 2000.

The designer creates menswear, womenswear ready-to-wear and accessories collections, revolutionizing the traditional elegance.

McQueen shows rigorous cuts, couture tailoring, between British and French Haute Couture.

Alexander McQueen inspiration is romantic nature, gothic and unusual; he creates collections expressing contrast between strength and fragility, influenced by his tailor tradition and his theatricalexperiences.

He conquers an important place in international fashion industry thanks to important collaboration with Romeo Gigli and Givenchy and after its joining to Gucci Group in 2001.

Dream and reality atmospheres, past and future, a mood between Victorian-Gothic style and punk-rock, McQueen sees his women as the painter Jan Vermeer saw his muses.

He takes inspiration by bullfighters and bikers, interpreting a new Victorian Punk, with an artistic touch took from Salvador Dali paintings and the ancient tales.

Alexander McQueen wedges remind Far east geishas, printed dresses similar to “Harlequin” patterns or Escher prints, metal skulls applications and bags with ring handles which seem weapons.

Mary Jane shoes and triple zip ankle boots, with buckles and fringes, velvet flats with crystals and high heels.

Tight leather or brocade trousers, wheel skirts and draped dresses, stiff shoulders blazers, soft blouse with high collars and huge bows.

A mix of smooth and rough fabrics, bold and dark colours, tulle items, ermine or fox furs, silk velvets, wool, tartan mohair, proposed in white, black, red and royal blue.

Boutiques Alexander McQueen

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