Spring-Summer 2022


Spring-Summer 2022
By ShoppingMap.it

The simplicity and the aesthetic of the Giardino all’Italiana have inspired Kiton's Spring-Summer 2022 collection and they guide us towards a new renaissance and a desire for lightness, both spiritual and physical.

Removing layers is the central act of this freedom. The pursuit of the minimum essential is reflected in the experienced and constant sartorial exploration of the company from Arzano, a town just outside Naples.

The 100% Made in Italy manufacturing excellence is expressed by subtracting instead of adding with the final aim to transform the men’s wardrobe.

A silent revolution marked by skilled interventions: the unnecessary disappears to keep the weightless constructions always flawless.

Suits are perfect and lighter, yet honoring every inch of the sartorial tradition, and essentiality becomes the keyword.

Boundaries between formal and informal wear disappear to define a future elegance. That is what today means for Kiton.

The double-breasted jacket in washed silk, a precious fabric reissued from the 30-year-old archives, is almost aery: it weighs a bit more than a shirt, while the trousers, formal at first sight, have elastics or drawstrings at their waists.

This is not a sport hybridization, but the evolution of a classic for a world at a supersonic speed.

A similar lightness can be found in the Bourette silk, the luxurious fabric with an uneven surface, that comes in single-breasted or with stand-up collar jackets.

The relaxed attitude is emphasized by the melange cashmere jersey, which debuts on unconventional outerwear still looking impeccable thanks to the exclusive fabrics: the Carlo Barbera wool mill owned by the company allows in-house productions and limitless experimentation.

Thus, for Spring-Summer 2022, a precious solaro made of cashmere, silk, and linen debuts with an unusual colour treatment that reminds of denim.

Excellence in a contemporary key.

In the process of redefining a new elegance, Kiton also revises the evening classics. The rules of the dress code are rewritten in a modern language.

While keeping the focus on personal style, the wardrobe adjusts to the occasion, moving closer, in terms of precision, to the women’s one.

Grey and blue suits or tuxedos are again pivotal in the men's look. Here too, deconstruction is the pillar. 

Leisurewear features a lot of knitwear, another key factor for Kiton.

The light knits and polo shirts in cashmere and silk jersey, sometimes with handpainted details, and the fully-fashioned cotton tracksuits are the ultimate comfort for lazy outdoor weekends or the upcoming intercontinental flights.

Blousons are important, they are inspired by sailing and golf. The ultracomfortable double-stretch cashmere is the new luxury fabric, while mix and matches of textures become decorations.

Worth mentioning is also the double-faced ultra-light cashmere doubled with nylon or linen and suede for a sportier attitude.

The palette is made of soft solid colours with some patterns, especially stripes, mainly for trousers. White, grey, brown and signature blues can be found in all their nuances, along with the never-failing black.

Knitted trainers are still the best seller amongst accessories and they recall the colours of the collection. This season's brand new addition is a high-top version for a more energetic look.

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