Every company tells something and since 2010, we work hard in order to transform the unexpressed heritage to a communicable content. Linking the values and philosophies proposed by the fashion players, we create a narration that captures users' attention and their loyalty. We work with passion to bring together all the players in the sector: brands, boutiques, showrooms, consumers and fashion lovers.

Reinventing, optimizing and connecting: these are the ideas that animate our project. It was born with the aim of making intuitive and fast the way to find information and enhance the history and uniqueness of all the players through an online map that is attentive to new trends and changes, an instrument designed to offer strategic, commercial and visibility services for brands, boutiques and showrooms with a specific and constantly evolving planning.

Our numbers

  • Over 6.000 visits per day and 3 million users per year, 25 million since January 2010;
  • More than 11.000 followers and 50 thousand impressions per week on our Instagram page;
  • 15 thousand fans and 40 thousand people reached each month through Facebook;
  • a newsletter with 5 thousand registered sector employees.


A Brand is the face of a business strategy.

Think about the decision-making power of each person: why do we buy certain brands and not others? Why do we remember certain messages and forget others? More often than we think we are not just buying a product, we are buying an emotion, a value, an experience.

With our commitment and our expertise, we create innovative digital paths to see what surrounds us with different eyes. We offer to brands the study of visual identity, market positioning, the analysis of competitors and, with a constant work of scouting around the world, we support the construction of the sales network thanks to direct relationships with hundreds of medium / high target boutiques in Italy and abroad.

The deep knowledge of the needs of the brand and its audience is our added value in the development of targeted marketing strategies, but also social media storytelling and relationships with industry journalists.

We also design showroom and consulting services for exhibition spaces.


Marketing is not a war of products, marketing is a war of perceptions.

Our strategies aim to create a real value for the store and its customers. We create and realize an original communication for the store; we take care of its social channels increasing their visibility with targeted strategies. We create websites characterized by a strong emotional impact, aesthetically beautiful and easy to use, but above all, we monitor the online reputation and the digital presence to help boutiques to increase the traffic in-store and contact with the target audience.

Moreover, thanks to the continuous updating and the work of merchandisers and scouting we support all shops in the choices related to the brand-mix and in relations with brands and showrooms.

For information and details on our services:

Federico Galli