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About us

YourShoppingMap.com celebrates the record number of 20 million visitors since its launch in January 2010 with a brand-new graphic interface/layout. Founded by Federico Galli and developed by an under-35 team, the website is a reference point for shopaholics/shopping lovers, an efficient tool for experts in the field as well as an important showcase for boutiques and brands.

A one-of-a-kind fashion encyclopedia 2.0.

YourShoppingMap.com offers a worldwide fashion guide constantly updated and smartphone-friendly that allows visitors to find specific information about brands and their (retail) distribution in the best multibrand boutiques and department stores and the possibility to share them not just on the main social networks but also on WhatsApp.

Today YourShoppingMap.com keeps growing through several collaborations with the most important boutiques all over the world, from U.S.A. to Japan, from Australia to Europe, paying special attention to Italy, the country where the project was conceived and where it has always been supported/sponsored by Camera Buyer.

YourShoppingMap.com, unique and unsuccessfully copied, will also develop/launch its APP by the end of 2016.

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