Spring-Summer 2022


Spring-Summer 2022
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KNT represents the most forward-thinking side of Kiton, which is fully expressed through its Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

Drawing attention to its premium DNA, it introduces new basics for modern tailoring.

Formal and informal wear are merging, redefining the rules of a new wardrobe.

KNT, the acronym for Kiton New Textures, was launched in 2018 by twins Mariano and Walter De Matteis, third-generation Kiton.

The brand is thought of as a style choice unbounded by age references and it reaffirms its independent and mature identity.

Two exclusive suits are debuting: the blazer becomes one with the bomber jacket and the hoodie, the iconic garment of the first 2 decades of the new millennium.

The two looks are named UC01 and UC02, where UC stands for Unconventional, and they mark the beginning of a filing process that will include all the brand's cornerstones over time.

The fit is slim: the first one reminds of a stand-up collar jacket, here replaced by the MA-1 bomber knitted detail, the second one is a fusion of tailoring details and the characteristics of the hoodie. Trousers are formal but with easy-on details such as drawstrings and elasticated waists.

KNT opened a conversation about the new tailoring frontiers, where hundreds of years old rules are updated keeping their identity intact.

The brand, with its experimental and 100% Made in Italy heart, took the responsibility to start this important process to preserve traditions.

The tòpos of street culture is elevated to a deluxe dimension in terms of manufacture and materials: from sweaters in deluxe cotton, raincoats and jackets in luxury nylon, tracking suits in terry cloth with a 70's flair to lightweight cashmere knitwear, which is processed with the circular looms used for women's stockings to create unexpected textures and patterns.

This is also the season of KNT’s new logo, a graphic inspired by the three-letter name, that also recalls the twisting threads typical of the brand's workmanship as well as the DNA strands, symbol of their family bond.

Accessories are under the spotlight with the launch of new summer baseball hats in different weights, trainers, beach slippers, backpacks, and bags.

The palette is essential with just five colours: white, black, orange, blue and anthracite. It is based on solid colours with small incursions of camouflage, the modern urban pattern.

This season KNT joins forces with contemporary art by collaborating with the internationally renowned light artist Nicola Evangelisti (born in 1972 in Bologna), showcasing a small solo exhibition conceived for the presentation.

The artist's work explores space and light linked to scientific themes such as cosmology and astrophysics through the use of different media that he named “spatial structures” or “cosmic hypotheses”.

They are aesthetic depictions of mathematical concepts where the poetic act meets the creative rigor.

Light is the main theme of his career and it is treated as a material through manual interventions on shiny surfaces, a process that links the artist's work to the craftsmanship of the Neapolitan tailoring, in addition to the reference to the aesthetics of metropolitan graffiti, a constant source of inspiration for the KNT collections.

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