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Jil Sander

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Jil Sander is a fashion house founded by German designer Heidemarie Jiline Sander, a former journalist of the American magazine “McCalls”, who debuted in the 60’s in the world of Fashion.

In 1968 Jil opens her first boutique in Hamburg and five years later she founded the homonymous fashion house.

The designer has been always inspired by Coco Chanel,  well-known for the sober and minimalist total look, defined as “the German Armani”.

She plays a strong essential fashion, never predictable, made up of absolute whites and blacks, broken by colour flashes.

Sander refined elegance and rigorous is characterized by clean lines and precise cuts, which seem “cut with a knife”.

In 2005 the Belgian designer Raf Simons took over the creative direction of the brand, bringing forward the immaculate and linear Sander style, in perfect harmony with his personal taste.

Jil Sander proposes for men tapered trousers, jackets made of technical fabrics, outerwear and refined turtleneck sweater.

In addition to  blazers, trousers, shirts and dresses "made to measure", created with precision and attention to detail, for a and timeless modern elegance.

Women wear minimal-chic cashmere, leather, linen and gabardine, next to the iridescent blue and gold fringed dresses.

Coats are squeezed by waist belts, worn with suede shoulder bags, squared multi pocket clutches.

As regards footwear, the hand-made designs are produced with lace or Velcro; crocodile boots have "Goodyear" or "Norwegian” soles, ankle boots are made with the “Bologna” processing.

The leather or mesh pumps are supported by sculptured heels while flats presents a sharp tip, revealing an extreme simplicity.

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