Cuccuini Livorno Man

Via Ricasoli 59, Livorno (Livorno), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 16:00-20:00
Tuesday 09:30-13:00,16:00-20:00
Wednesday 09:30-13:00,16:00-20:00
Thursday 09:30-13:00,16:00-20:00
Friday 09:30-13:00,16:00-20:00
Saturday 09:30-13:00,16:00-20:00
Sunday Closed


The well-established Cuccuini group opened its first store in 1967, focusing on handbags sale.

Today owns several fashion boutique in Livorno between via Ricasoli e via Grande, offering luxury clothing for men and women.

Stores, which aim to men and women with a refined taste, have always been the landmarks of fashion trends, which are discovered and developed through a continuous research, in Italy and abroad.

Boutiques are considered "fashion living rooms" which can host their customers, but they are also perfect locations for events, organized in partnership with the prestigious brands distributed.

The Group offers the best menswear collections in via Ricasoli 59.  

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