Etro is a brand and a company of ready-to-wear and luxury fabrics, founded by Gerolamo Etro in 1968, who started with the fine furnishing fabrics production and, later, conceiving clothing and accessories lines.

The brand is a byword for style, refined taste, shape and manufacturing research, and it is also popular for patterns, cachemire designs and the unique range of colors.

Gerolamo Etro, a art and history lover, revised in the early 80s the Paisley, an ancient and traditional Indian design.

Paisley elegant patterns and polished shades became the sign of the brand.

The Paisley jacquard fabric is treated with a special plasticization process, becoming one of the chic must of 80's.

Later the company expands its range of products with menswear, womenswear collections and accessories as scarves, wraps, ties, and leather goods as wallets, purses and luggages with a new fixing process.

In the late 80's, the brand starts its “new deal”, with the new Etro generation.

There is a new birth for the brand during the 90's, with the prêt-à-porter line which reveals extraordinary tailoring skills with originality, creativity and stylistic and material choices.

The "New Tradition" blooms and it will become one of the Etro strongest concepts, highlighting a direct relationship with the customers, turn fashion into a consumer experience.

Even with unusual shows using a 30’s steam train with models as travelers.

The exclusive brand items are the multi pocket jacket, where each pocket has a label and the extravagant clothes decorated with keys, bolts, gears, nails.

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