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Rick Owens

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The Californian designer Rick Owens created his own brand in the early 90’s.

Owens collections reflect a urban-dark aesthetic set in a decadent Hollywood, where men and women become fauns, Amazons and twilight warriors.

Brand “musts” which differentiate Rick Owens style by the other designers are the solemn Vestal tunics which seem enshrouded by a mystery and sacredness aura, rigorous and sculptural blazers with asymmetrical cuts,  dark shades which enhance his gothic minimalism, the "fil rouge" of R. Owens lines.

Overlap is the main feature of Owens alien outfits, where long shirts are worn with dresses and jackets. 

Dark and metallic colours are softened by golden reflections, lights, shadows and transparency, looking for new shapes and a new dark and sexy image.

Triangular geometries widen from head to toe, thanks to long coats and asymmetrical lines.

Black and leather dominate light tank tops, sleeveless rigid shirt, sneakers-boot, minijupe belts proposed in raw and light fabrics as denim and jersey.

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