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Burberry is the known British womenswear and menswear brand.

The history of the brand starts in 1856 when Thomas Burberry opened his first menswear shop in Basingstoke, a small town in the Hampshire.

The company, leader in luxury market, has a tradition of more than one hundred and fifty years and it has received several consecrations by Royals and movie stars thanks to its typical "Old England" style, a sober and aristocratic style that makes Burberry a timeless brand.

The original logo brand is the Equestrian Knight wearing a "Wallace" armor and a lance with the Latin motto “prorsum” on its standard.

Burberry core products are "gabardine fabric", the typical brand check and the famous trench coat.

At first Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine, an high performance fabric, tear resistant, waterproof but breathable, thanks to a particular Egyptian cotton that is treated with a secret process.

The cotton has a tight weave fabric and it has revolutionized the casualwear, writing the history of costume and fashion.

The classic Burberry "check", that is the original pattern with horizontal and vertical crossed lines, made its first appearance in 1920, used in the trench coat linings.

The check is now available in black, white, camel and red, is part of the brand identity.

In those years Burberry provides equipments for the Antarctic expeditions and later it created the British officers uniforms for First World War.

In fact "trench coat" is literally the coat for trenches and twenty years later it will be an icon thanks to the movie “Casablanca”, worn by Humphrey Bogart in the famous airport scene.

Initially trench had to be a waterproof and weather resistant coat, suitable for fighting, but today it is a brand symbol, and Burberry has launched an exclusive custom made service.

The brand offers two different lines: "Burberry" known all over the world for the tartan style, featuring the low profile elegance and the traditional models which are polished and aristocratic, and the fashion line "Burberry Prorsum".

Past and present personalities have worn Burberry’s items as the England Royal Family members, Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw.

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