Bellettini Viterbo

Via Marconi 59, Viterbo (Viterbo), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 16:00-19:30
Tuesday 09:30-13:00,16:00-19:30
Wednesday 09:30-13:00,16:00-19:30
Thursday 09:30-13:00,16:00-19:30
Friday 09:30-13:00,16:00-19:30
Saturday 09:30-13:00,16:00-19:30
Sunday Closed


The Bellettini company was founded in 1978 with the opening of the first luxury boutique in Cura di Vetralla on Via Cassia, the only connecting road between Rome and Viterbo.

The foresight and resourcefulness led them immediately to represent the best fashion brands.

To date, Bellettini boutiques are present in Vetralla, in the historic center of Viterbo and in the prestigious and international Tuscan tourist resorts such as Saturnia and Punta Ala.

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