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Hogan was born in 1986 and belongs to the italian group of luxury product Tod's spa, owned by Della Valle family.

The innovative vision of the brand in terms of casual luxury suitable for any occasion is perfectly reflected in a contemporary lifestyle, where quality and style are always appreciated.

Refined accessories and clothing, having an essential and innovative design, with a perfect combination of functionaly and casaul elegance.

Produced with top-quality materials, Hogan's products are bound to become timeless object, which keep their value unaltered, season after season. 

Hogan started off with Traditional, urban sneaker inspired by the world of cricket. The consecration of the Brand, however, takes place in 1997, the year in which Interactive, Hogan's best seller, which soon becomes the icon of casual elegance, is presented.

In the following years, the Brand becomes structured, by expanding and developing its products and by opening many stores in Italy and abroad.

In 2000 Lax

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