Spazio Pritelli Ferrara

Corso Giovecca 72/80, Ferrara (Ferrara), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Tuesday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Wednesday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Thursday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Friday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Saturday 09:30-12:30,15:30-19:30
Sunday Closed


In the heart of Ferrara, Spazio Pritelli, located in Via Borgo dei Leoni, is characterized by the constant fashion research, sensitivity to market trends, continuous innovation and modernity of its windows.

Spazio Pritelli is a container of new ideas, which catch the eye with a unique style, and it is able to mix refined and stylish trends.

Spazio Pritelli also owns two other boutique in Rimini, Cattolica and Vicenza.

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