Via Proff. Vincenzo Ricci, 61 Taurianova RC, Taurianova (Reggio Calabria), Italia


The route in the fashion world of Maria Chiarenza, has started on 2000, when turn her own passion in a real job, working as a seller in a very important boutique.

Strong tenacity and big dedication allowed her to overcome different obstacles faced along her own experience and, after meeting her husband, Gaetano Cammisotto, both bound by the same passion, the move their first passes thru the luxury world.

Along the next years, Maria decided to give life to an inexistent reality so far: a boutique able to create a perfect union between kid’s clothes and adult ‘s clothes.

So, as first, she is able to propose inside her own business reality the “mini-me” collection, belong to international first lines, like Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Moncler, Fendi, Balmain, Givenchy and Burberry, choosen not just because of the prestige, but also for their brand history.

Within few years the shop has been subject to a continous renovation, bound to the local restructuration, today splitted in three parts, each one different from the others for an accurate smart and refined style and due also to a constantly research of caring about the single detail.

All this has contributed to put more in evidence the impression wanted since the project’s start, an exclusive and sofisticate boutique, one of the most important at national level in this sector.

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