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Via D'Antona 1, Chiaravalle (Ancona), Italia
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Lunedì 16.30/20.00 - Martedì/Sabato 9.30/13.00 - 16.30/20.00


Since 1947 Gigolè has been a family business that spanning three generations and thousands of stories.

In these stories customers are the main characters, which have always look for something out of the ordinary.

Luigi, born in 1915, started his trader job only with a bike and two suitcases - one in front and one behind - full of trinkets and other goods, traveling in the Marche countryside, door to door.

After Second World War, when American troops freed our country, he was fascinated by the typical American style with those strange blue trousers, as hard as the cod and the leather bomber jacket.

In 1947 he started to trade American new and second hand clothing and accessories, selling them in the most important markets, with the help of a Moto Guzzi sidecar.

The activity intensifies, the distances become wider; in the 50’s, Luigi’s trade became a great traveling business and he replaced the sidecar with a robust Fiat Balilla car.

In 1966 he opened a store in Via Fratelli Bandiera, in Chiaravalle; 50 square meters of big boxes where customers can find a great assortment and courtesy.

The business grew with the economic boom and in the 80’s the store reaches 350 square meters, supported by the itinerant trade.

In 2006 the family opened a great multi-brand store in Chiaravalle, Ancona, featuring a contemporary design and cutting-edge collections.

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