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Peuterey was born in 1996 and is a sportswear brand for men, women and children.

Produced by the Tuscany Geospirit Group, it has its core business in outerwear, offering versatile and practical models, resistant to colder temperatures, made ​​with craftsmanship and excellent raw materials, technical fabrics, nylon, microfiber.

Peuterey takes its name to the majestic and imposing Mont Blanc peak, that inspires simple and never expectable brand elegance.

Bestseller and main important Peuterey product is the goose down jacket “Guardian”.

Company is known for high performance and comfortable parkas and jackets, renewed for city life.

It offers traditional jackets models with unusual materials such as canvas and leather.

Men blazer is refreshed in a contemporary line, made ​​of cotton and polyester microfibe.

Caban and trench coats are the women wardrobe passepartout.

Breasted or double-breasted trench coat is made of breathable polyester cotton with vichy pattern and a thin organza layer, for a greater structured effect.

The Italian brand, with a French name, proposes  polished and trendy collections, perfect for those who want a fashion look without renouncing to practicality and functionality.

Peuterey also designs traditional top lines knitwear collection and, furthermore dresses, sweaters and trousers. 

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