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Refrigiwear is a brand of clothing made in America, specializing in insulating clothing; its popular logo is the dog standing on its hind legs that exhibits a sign saying "refrigerator".

The two businessmen Myron Breakstone and Mortimer Malden founded the brand in 1954; they used to work  in the family business inside cold stores, looking for a more functional garment not heavy or uncomfortable.

The Refrigiwear collections blend together technological innovation, functionality and attention to detail, characterized by the use of technical fabrics, design and glamorous details.

Refrigiwear proposes garments for sportsmen, campers, hunters, even worn by Dustin during his transpolar flight around the world; the brand is still a technical partner of the most famous sleigh in Canada and Alaska.

The brand mixes innovative fabrics such as nylon, rubber, shiny nylon, combined with micro retina, which give warmth with the minimum volume and maximum lightness.

Garments follows the latest fashion trends, offering high performance: waterproof, lightweight, insulators at low temperatures up to -51 °, resistant and windproof.

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