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Julian Fashion Donna

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Viale Matteotti 31, Milano Marittima (Ravenna), Italia
Opening hours

Mon 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Tue 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Wed 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Thu 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Fri 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Sat 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00
Sun 10:30-13:00,15:30-19:00


Since its foundation in 1959, Julian Fashion has been a reference point not only for the local customers, but also for international fashionistas, attracted by the allure of a boutique that has always been identified with luxury shopping.

Thanks to its personal conception of beauty, its avant-garde style and its projection towards the new, Julian is able to embrace and enhance one’s personality.

Each item is personally selected by Sabina Zabberoni, owner and buyer of the boutique, who, thanks to her creativity and personal conception of beauty, always suggests the most exclusive products from the most exclusive designers from all over the world.

Located in the heart of Milano Marittima (Emilia Romagna - Italy), Julian Fashion store represent its founder’s personality and taste.

Unique, glamourous and stylish, Julian stores are visionary fashion boutiques that offer to their customers inspirational shopping experiences.

With the most exclusive brands and collections, Julian Women store is one of the most listed shops in Italy, where every fashionista knows its existence.

Clothes, accessories, shoes and jewellery are well displayed and organized in the store, putting every item in the best light possible, to crate a neat and unique style.


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