Tozzi Bologna

Via San Felice 28, Bologna (Bologna), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 09:30-13:00,15:30-19:30
Tuesday 09:30-13:00,15:30-19:30
Wednesday 09:30-13:00,15:30-19:30
Thursday 09:30-13:00
Friday 09:30-13:00,15:30-19:30
Saturday 09:30-13:00,15:30-19:30
Sunday Closed


Tozzi is a well-established womenswear boutique in Bologna, founded in 1948 and currently run by the third generation.

Since 2006, the store has changed location, moving in a former theatre; here the Group rediscovered its original vocation, with several references to movies.

Mariella Tozzi leads the store with passion and expertise; she selects the most important brands and customizes the  proposals.

The skilful team helps customers towards unconventional style choices, rather than  standard outfits or iconic brands.