Via Strà 66, Caldiero (Verona), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 15:30-19:30
Tuesday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Wednesday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Thursday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Friday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Saturday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Sunday Closed


L'Eliseo is an exclusive concept store, covering 400 square meters dedicated to the collections of clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women of the best brands on the market.

L'Eliseo's story started in 1903 but the concept of the store was completely renovated in 2011, it stems from the dualism creativity-rationality, and is developed through the use of sophisticated forms. lights, materials and colors.

L'Eliseo's desire is to propose a shop called trends of fashion and etiquette. Offering its customers advanced and exclusive shopping experience.