Alessandro Squarzi Showroom Bologna

Via Enrico Mattei 50/G, Bologna (Bologna), Italia


This has historically been Alessandro Squarzi's starting point, it is from here that Alessandro has launched a veritable way of thinking and working in the fashion industry.

In this loft, constantly changing, they are constantly striving to convey the desire to communicate through the taste and love for what they do. 

In this area of ​​Bologne you can feel the urge to search and change while maintaining the standards of the classic from which they can not and do not want to deviate.

"Oftentimes, the elegance is confused with superficiality, fashion, a certain lack of interiority. It is a serious mistake: the human being in need of elegance in both actions in posture, because this word is synonymous with good taste, kindness, balance, and harmony." Paolo Coelho

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