Quaranta Woman

Via Regina Margherita 104, Andria (Barletta Andria Trani), Italia


Today with its two boutiques located in the center of the city of AndriaQuaranta showcases the great Italian brands and the ancestral savoir-faire of Italy in the fashion field.

It all started in 1988, when  Liliana Quaranta, mother of the current owners, opens the doors of her first boutique, an elegant space, originally dedicated to shoes and bags for men and women. 

Liliana continued the family tradition, her father was in fact a trader of leather and footwear in NaplesFrom an early age, his children who lived in the family shop took over the business in 2000 after graduating from high school. 

Stefano Giurano opens a second shop with a more "trendy" vision and concept, better adapted to the times. He kept shoes, leather goods, and accessories as his main activity. Taking advantage of the age of the boutique, in a region that is still not very dynamic, they took the risk of offering cutting-edge products by exploring new trends.

In 2004, Stefano's brother followed him and opened a men's sneakers shop. 

In 2011 Cosimo joins them, a young boy with experience in large stores abroad and in northern Italy. 

Together they reorganized both stores, separating men and women.

The idea is to offer a space conceived as the wardrobe of a New York manager, who goes to work in a jacket and tie and who needs to dress more comfortably on weekends, without sacrificing style. 

Quaranta is a precursor to a fashion trend that has become mainstream such as streetwear, offering sweatshirts or other garments that were once reserved only for sportwear stores. 

In 2015, the House entered the digital world by opening an e-commerce site that allowed to unify the image of the two boutiques. In 2019 they opened a digital fashion gallery to propose the brand Quaranta

Today the company with over 25 years of experience in the sector and a sale space of 750 square meters is a reference name in the panorama of the multibrand boutiques of Puglia and Italy.

Modern and refined spaces characterized by the use of materials such as brass, wood, and steel to underline a strong identity and create the ideal stage for a selection of well-known and emerging Italian and international brands such as  Kenzo,  MM6 Maison Margiela,  Versace Jeans Couture,  Heron Preston,  CP Company,  Alexander Wang,  Ami Paris, and many others.

Quaranta offers an exclusive proposal made of a mix of very unique brands and products, which combines tradition and innovation.

With a 360-degree commercial vision, the company continues to grow both online and in the shop, so much that today the boundaries between physical and digital are blurred, also thanks to the digitalization and the presence of interactive monitors inside the stores.

In addition, Quaranta, in tune with times, links its future projects to eco-responsibility.

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