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1972 Desa
1972 Desa
1972 Desa
1972 Desa


Modern design and superior craftsmanship embodied in a unique, luxury leather RTW and handbag collection for women and men.

Legacy of Luxury and daring in design: distinguished, bold, timeless modern design to last the ages.

A collection of elegance and prestige.

A tradition of craftsmanship and contemporary design.

The Desa brand has been wowing the fashion world since its humble beginnings in Istanbul in 1972 through the tireless innovation and grand vision of the Celet family.

Emerging as a leader in luxury leather design is Desa’s defining achievement.

1972 Desa is the culmination of that 45 years of creativity and artisanship, a fashion brand exuding authenticity, individualism and elegant contemporary design.

Michele Cozzani Ditria joins 1972 Desa team in 2019.

His contemporary and visionary approach makes “modern leather” collection combining elements and proportions with a great touch of modernity.

His uniqueness, quality and contemporary style becomes a code of the brand.

Today, 1972 Desa is proud of its portfolio of 200 international high-end department stores and independent retailers, including 120 independent stores in Italy only.

From Japan to Qatar and throughout Europe, the brand has an unrivalled renown.

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1972 Desa Shoes and accessories