Apropos Amburgo Men

Neuer Jungfernstieg 6, Amburgo (Hamburg), Germania


Klaus Ritzenhöfer and Daniel Riedo inaugurate the first Apropos store in 1984 and to date, they have opened five exclusive commercial locations located throughout Germany.

Every single shop, one in Cologne, one in Dusseldorf, two in Hamburg and one in Munich, offers an absolute first-class shopping experience. Here you will be able to find exclusive men's and women's clothing, selected beauty products and furnishing accessories for the interior.

In July 2016, the doors open on Neuer Jungfernstieg 6 in Hamburg, the store dedicated solely to the male universe, a few steps from the women's boutique and the Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons.

An area of ​​250 square meters offers a selection of the best international brands.

The duo of well-known architects Rodolphe Parente and Benjamin Liatoud creates a place with an unparalleled mix of contemporary luxury, conceived to be more like a residential apartment than a shop.

Impressive high ceilings and an interior flooded with natural light, as well as the multicolored marble used for the floors and for covering the walls. 

A lively and surprising environment for an extraordinary shopping experience.

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