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Big Joe

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Via Circonvallazione Orientale 31, Sulmona (L'Aquila), Italia
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Mon 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Tue 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Wed 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Thu 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Fri 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Sat 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:00
Sun Closed


Big Joe is an historic company with more than an half century long tradition, a constant evolution passed through three generations passionate about their job, transforming the endless research and the customers satisfaction into their philosophy-of-life.

Located into the historic walls of a medieval church, the boutique is characterized by an evoluted aesthetic sensibility, a modern place conceived in order to welcome clients, not just a mere shop, enriched by a private courtyard, a coffee bar and several cultural and musical events.

Big Joe offers a wide range of apparel, from the best sportswear both for men and women, to the refined dresses and high-end bespoke wear for the formal occasions.

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