Il Cavallo Uomo

Borgo Stretto 13, Pisa (Pisa), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Tuesday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Wednesday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Thursday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Friday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-13:00,16:00-20:00
Sunday Closed


Since the 70’s Il Cavallo Uomo, part of DEI Group, has been offering contemporary and traditional menswear collections in Borgo Stretto, Pisa.

The two-level store, spreading over 180 mq, is the perfect showcase for timeless clothing collections;  simple materials and soft colors confer a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, always plain and refined.


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