F Cashmere


F Cashmere is an italian knitwear and cashmere brand founded by Fissore family and characterized by casual and easy style for a refined look.

The story began in Rapallo, when Angelo and Ines Fissore opened their first knitwear store. By the 1970s, the Cristiano Fissore brand had become a global success, renowned for its contemporary, brightly coloured knitwear.

At the core of the F Cashmere brand is a passion for cashmere and fine knitwear, born from creative intelligence, know-how and technical skills.

Today, under the F Cashmere label, the Fissore legacy continues with the third generation of the family that has created a relaxed “everyday” collection that is anything but ordinary.

Thanks to the high-level of workmanship, handmade artisanal techniques and quality yarns, the brand offers elaborate creations available in a wide range of shapes and colours.

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Boutiques F Cashmere

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