Unfleur is an italian women's and men's leather outerwear brand born from the artisanal workshop Helenpell and well-known for being a reference point of the fashion industry leather.

The artisan company, founded in 1975, is specialized in the sector of sheepskin and shearling and it is recognized for achieving quality garments with creative content and innovative choices of materials and treatments.

In recent years,the company has developped partnerships for the production of some important Italian brands and has reinvented itself launching the sub-line Le Sentier MMVIII in 2007.

In 2012 comes the new brand Unfleur, a collection refined and trendy jackets and bikers featuring intricate zipping details, presented at the 2012 Milan White and Who's Next Paris 2013.

Unfleur is distributed in luxury boutiques in Milan, Rome, Venice, Paris and Saint-Tropez.

© Images copyright: Unfleur and rightful owners.

Boutiques Unfleur

Silvio Rustia
Silvio Rustia
La boutique Silvio Rustia nata nel 1911 è situata in Via Mazzini all'interno di uno storico palazzetto del centro della città di Trieste dove vissero James Joyce e Umberto Saba. Un elegante e accogliente spazio multibrand con proposte sia di stilisti affermati sia di nomi nuovi n [...]
Contre Lecce
Contre Lecce
Contre group boasts two boutiques in Lecce, one in Maglie and another one in Otranto, all located in Apulia region. In Piazza Mazzini, in the heart of beautiful Lecce, Contre store represents an elegant yet modern reference point for local shopping that features clothing and accessories for both me [...]

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