Herno is an Italian casual wear and outerwear brand specialized in rain resistant luxury items for men and women, founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi.

He opens the historical site of Lesa, on the banks of Erno river, near Novara, creating his collections of men's raincoats.

The river has inspired the brand name, with the initial “H” (from the H2O chemical formula), which underlines the great importance of the water.

Later the company extends its production to raincoat, suits and dresses for women, cashmere coats, with the special detail of the "double-face" process and it conquers the international markets.

Today the company creates tailor and contemporary collections, comfortable, practical with innovative cuts.

They have classic fabrics, precious materials and hi-tech performance.

The brand also produces clothing for important fashion labels as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren.

Herno presents a wide range of single and double-breasted raincoat and the iconic trench coats are always refreshed in different designs: sporty, chic or urban, from the unstructured vintage rain coat to the glamorous taffeta trench-coat with hand-sewn micro sequins.

New generation coats are “light-tech” thanks to the ultra light and impalpable fabrics, as nylon, polyester and microfiber.

The canvas jackets, waterproof light silk parkas, join the garments collection of  “high-luxe” line.

A capsule collection was born thanks to the collaboration with the designer Neil Barrett; eight ultra light down jacket, which shape the silhouette, meet the sporty style of the famous avant-garde designer.

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