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Orian Vintage Classic is an important shirts brand which reveal in its core value the pride to sign each item with the family name.

Its birth year, the 1968, marks the importance of experience, business insights and the ability to dare and look beyond.

Giangaetano Orian opened a small workshop in 1968 starting his menswear revolution.

Orian offers not only classic shirts created with the finest Italian fabrics, which were mostly white and blue, but also innovative and successfully collections focused on patterns, bold coloured stripes, original English tartan, inspired by Giangaetano travels.

In the 90’s Riccardo, Federico and Ruggero, the second family generation, joined the company: three different characters which bring a brand new energy.

The new industrial company combines tailoring and innovation, thanks to partnerships with the most skilled Italian shirtmakers and the most important boutiques in the country.

The higher goal is using eco-friendly and eco-efficient processes, applying the three r's rule: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Paper is recycled, plastic becomes batteries, fabric scraps turn into tnt.

Even the suppliers and local partner have to share the same values; in fact Orian focuses on "kilometer zero" producing chain with a more direct control.

Excellent production is essential to innovation.

Each collection is the result of creative and technical research; the whole team of designers, engineers, textile engineers, chemists is involved to develop new methods of dyeing, printing, finishing and washing.

Creative research, chromatic mix, collections development join a top-quality fabrics selection.

This is the starting point for a good shirt.

Innovative finishes enhance yarn quality giving the garments a particular and refined effect; that detail that makes Orian collections unique.

In cutting and assembly phases, technology plays an important role in order to guarantee accuracy in each step.

Production is strictly handmade by skilled artisans which create perfect geometric stitches.

Then shirts are carefully tested before ironing, they are impeccably folded in a precious pack and they are finally ready.



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