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Lidfort is an italian footwear brand founded in 1945 by Lido Fontana in Montegranaro, a small town in central Italy, combining authentic cfrafsmanship, luxurious materials and attention to details.

Initially the production started from a small garage, but soon the shoes became famous and with the intensification of the production comes the brand Lidfort, the acronym of the founder's name Lido Fortuna, characterised by a mix of simplicity, good taste and originality.

Around the 70's Vincenzo and Onelio, the sons of Lido, entered officially in the company creating a new balance and giving a new appealing flair; despite the volume of business was growing, the two brothers choosed to remain artisans and not to switch to an industrial distribution.

The label is renowned for their unique blend of contemporary style and classic elegance, where traditional technics merged with modern vision to create simplicity and sophistication.

Lidfort collections, in limited editions, offer elegant loafers, sleek lace-ups, handsome ankle boots and sophisticated moccasins, perfect for adding a refined finish to both day and eveningwear.

The company's experience allows a discerning choice of materials and leathers tanned and processed with natural plant extracts.

Today Lidfort shoes are available in the best luxury shops around the world.



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