A conversation Michel Klein

Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

I have been lucky.

I set foot in the fashion sector thanks to a casual meeting, which marked my professional and personal path.

When I was 21, during the first period as an intern in a showroom I made thousands of coffee and folded thousands of shirts. It was a beautiful time.

In addition to having learned to use the moka and the difference between cotton and cardboard - as a friend of mine says - I had the opportunity to make an important journey.

Over the years, thanks to my position as a salesperson first and with my ShoppingMap.it later, which gave me the opportunity to continue to challenge myself first of all, I have traveled a lot and I have known people in every corner of the world.

One of those people is Michel Klein, a talented and creative French designer, but above all a polite and generous person.

With its Mimi Liberté prêt-à-porter line, today it interprets a modern romanticism, capable of combining femininity and refinement, conquering a place in the best boutiques such as Montaigne Market Paris, Flannels London, Jades Düsseldorf, Traffic Los Angeles, Hampden Charleston and Parlour X Sydney, to name a few.

Michel and I have one thing in common: a meeting also changed his personal and working life.

Tell us about your first steps in fashion
It's 1973 and barely fifteen, thanks to my dear friend Andrée Putman, I meet Yves Saint Laurent. I did present my sketches to him and the following week I start working for him! Those years were a unique period for Paris and for the whole fashion world, everything was possible! You could meet the most incredible and talented people like Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Liza Minnelli and Loulou de la Falaise who was my best friend. After several other important work experiences and collaborations including that with Guy Laroche, I started my own path supported by Andrée Putman and Didier Grumbach.

Is the Parisian woman still synonymous with elegance?
The Parisian woman is cosmopolitan and always capable of adding that touch of coolness and style to herself and her own look. I generally like to dress women who have character. I love free women, whatever their age, their place of birth and their social class.

What are your sources of inspiration?
I like walking, watching and listening to people on the street, while reading a book or talking with a friend sitting in a café, waiting in airports, at the cinema or on TV.

What is your favorite place in Paris?
Without a doubt the Palais Royal and my house which is within walking distance. It is there that I love spending my time, meeting friends and cooking with them, because cooking is a real passion for me.

Escargot or Omelette?