Warm Up

Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

"I wear you better than my favorite sweater." Lana Del Rey

It perfectly accompanies leisure-time looks, combined with jeans as well as white trousers.

Ideal in finesse 18 or extrafine merino's cashmere for more sober and daily outfits.

A garment to love and from which often, even when the signs of the passage of time become evident, one cannot detach oneself. For this reason, I decided to dedicate an article to knitwear and in particular to five Italian women's knitwear brands.

Five different brands, each one tells its own story, its mood. Each one is capable of telling the stories of different women, all beautiful in a different way.

Careful and constant research and use of natural materials, for the creation of comfortable and refined garments. The history of Purotatto begins in 2009. With a background that has always been linked to textiles, Sabintima, a family company that has been making clothing for major international brands for over 50 years. It decides to experiment with the know-how acquired in past years and create its own brand. Today, Purotatto is the story of a knitwear brand dedicated to contemporary women who love sober elegance. The brand offers them collections characterized by a perfect balance between the most essential proposals: such as t-shirts in milk fiber, bamboo cotton or micro-modal and cashmere, and more precious and refined items made of cashmere, cashmere and silk or linen. The strength of the brand is the choice of fabrics and processes: garments are born where softness and pleasantness to touch are the signs of recognition.

Avant Toi
The recipe is "simple": just combine tradition with experimentation, shake vigorously and an iconic cocktail is served. Avant Toi, an Italian brand founded in 1994, produced and distributed by Liapull, has revolutionized the knitwear segment by gaining a leading role in a demanding and constantly evolving market. This is thanks to the avant-garde vision of its designer Mirko Ghignone. The brand celebrates the special relationship between the world of art and aesthetic research, and Mirko, an eclectic artist and lover of the power of color, has given the brand a disruptive imprint which is the mirror of his creative instinct applied to yarns and sweaters, as if they were his canvas. A pioneer in the evolution of cashmere, Avant Toi excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of coloring.

Snobby Sheep
Sober and refined taste. The Snobby Sheep brand created by Stefano Impecora takes inspiration from women icons of timeless style and offers elegant and sensual sweaters interpreting a bon-ton and contemporary style. The aim of the brand is to maintain the right balance between the rapid evolution of trends and the use of ancient manufacturing techniques.

Expression of love for real made in Italy, for the attention to detail, for the very high quality of materials, workmanship, love for a sober elegance. Versatile creations, couture and daily sport-chic, where urban and romantic spirit come together in one soul: Anneclaire. The brand produced by the company founded by the Chiecchio family in 1953 in Piedmont. A splendid reality immersed in the Cuneo area, at the gates of the Langhe, an area rich in Italian traditions, culture and excellence. The third and fourth generation of the family maintain the wealth of knowledge gained with years of experience, innovating with a careful look to the future and full of respect for the past.

Founded in 2012 by the Italian designer Simona Marziale, MRZ offers a concept of modern, original and a little rocker knitwear, combining elements of sportswear, tailoring and femininity, creating garments dedicated to an independent woman with a vocation for everything that is contemporary and immediate. Quality, details, colors, shapes and Made in Italy production are the key elements of the collections of the brand which represents one of the most interesting emerging names on the Italian scene, winner of the 2018 edition of Who Is On Next? The dedicated fashion scouting project to emerging fashion talents, conceived and created by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

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