Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

Sporty soul and city life personality.

No longer just a mountain boot but a must-have shoe in the men's wardrobe during the winter season.

Born in the 30s for climbing the Dolomites, they have become one of the most popular footwear even in urban contexts.

Both in the most authentic version and in its most contemporary reinterpretation, thanks to the ability to protect from the weather while remaining light and comfortable, this ankle boot with strong and decisive aesthetic features represents the perfect accessory to define elegance and a chic sportswear style.

Contrasting laces, an important but flexible sole, the boot is sturdy but very comfortable: perfect for facing rain, cold and snow, ensuring maximum performance both on slippery or icy mountain terrain and on city streets.

is synonymous with mountain boots adapted for city use. High-quality handmade shoes with an exceptional level of comfort and an avant-garde design. Entirely produced in Italy in the Onè di Fonte factory in Veneto, a town in north-eastern Italy considered one of the most important areas for the production and research of high-performance footwear. Founded and managed by the brothers Dennis and Maico Signor, Diemme has been one of the leaders in the outdoor and performance segment for over 25 years. With Roccia Vet, the brand draws on the classic heritage by re-editing the model with a modern key, mixing leathers and precious materials with combinations of colors and bold irreverent contrasts, lighter and more comfortable soles to face better the streets of every city in the world.

Family business, and above all passion and love for their work and their land. This is the story of Fracap and Magnifico, his model of hiking boots from a small town in Puglia has reached customers all over the world. Designed by Alfredo Cappello, father of Michele and Antonio (current owners of the company) and grandson of the founder of the Antonio company, Magnifico is a resistant and comfortable boot to be used both in the mountains and in everyday life. Each pair of Fracap shoes is born from a single large piece of leather, through a process entirely hand-made. Only the best vegetable tanned and Italian leather are used for the insole. Shoes made with a military structure, using the same mold once designed for the Italian army, which gives maximum comfort; by creating the so-called ideal seam, the technique of stitching the upper part of the boots to the midsole guarantees resistance and durability; milled sole to ensure maximum grip on every surface. Fracap is the sum of the surname of the Cappello family and the Italian word brothers, but above all it is not only a brand, but a story... Magnificent

Born from the passion for those objects that are part of the Italian tradition, Sentier is a brand that creates unique products that go beyond current fashion. Products that have the power to evoke emotions, memories and sensations; which only simple and sincere things can broadcast. Shoes that are still handmade by expert craftsmen, without haste, with great patience, love and precision and are ennobled through daily use and with the passage of time.

Rémy Richard registered the name Paraboot in 1927. Para, like the port of the Amazon from which rubber was exported. Boot, from the new and particular shoe discovered during one of his travels in the United States. Born from the mix of a city-oriented and the original mountaineering boots. A perfect synthesis of quality and style for a fast recognizable shoe that challenges the seasons and the weather. Resistance and absolute impermeability guaranteed by the particular Norwegian Stitch, the special double stitching that holds the upper and the insole together; flexibility and comfort ensured by the rubber sole; style and elegance conferred by dark brown leather, 4 closures and 3 ski hooks. Today Paraboot continues to maintain its headquarters in Izeaux, the hometown of its founder and to market footwear entirely handmade by skilled craftsmen, proudly remaining one of the last companies to produce shoes sewn in France.


Innovative ideas and shoes made with alternative materials. Bold and brave ideas like the ones we have yet to invent. This is the philosophy behind the Canadian brand Native founded in 2009 which has always focused on the environment and the focus on the circular economy as a founding principle, with the aim that by 2023 every single pair of shoes will be made with 100% recyclable materials. All without affecting quality, design and lightness. They are colored and highly technical shoes, made of Treklite Ripstop Fitzsimmons, which guarantees total waterproofness, a microfleece lining to keep the foot warm, an Ultra-Lite rubber sole and a foam insole to guarantee particular cushioning and support.