Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

"Clothing often reveals man" William Shakespeare, Amleto.

There are many things that Italians do better than others, within these there is for sure the suit for man.

It is the base of style and male elegance, key product and one of the biggest investment in the man’s wardrobe. For many years, it has been the uniform of the white-collar workers and of the successful businessmen as Richard Gere in Pretty Woman or Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, today the suit keeps intact its special charm.

The choice is not so easy, so it is necessary to dedicate the right time before buying it.

Heritage and tailoring, without forgiving the contemporaneity and the versatility.


Here you can find five Italian brands that are able to represent it, defining the canons of the perfect suit for the contemporary gentleman.

Boglioli, an historic sartorial reality, based in Gambara in the province of Brescia, is one of the leading brands of contemporary menswear. A brand that has been able to rewrite the rules of male elegance with a distinctive style and a unique concept of soft tailoring, thanks to a constant research. The intuition of creating unstructured jackets and experimenting with avant-garde techniques, dyes and treatments on precious and noble fabrics such as cashmere have elected Boglioli as an icon of the gentleman and of the elegance of dégagé.

Founded in 1934 and today led by the third generation, Canali promotes the traditional craftsmanship and Made in Italy for over 80 years. The brand specialized in luxury tailored garments is witness to the typical Italian masculine elegance, able to create businessman looks, working with fine fabrics, attention to details, perfect fit and the ability to observe contemporary trends. This is why Canali's clothes are among the most appreciated internationally.

Lardini is the story of a family, of its deep relationship with the territory and its love for tailoring and for Made in Italy. During 1978 in a small workshop in Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, the brothers Luigi, Andrea, Lorena and Annarita had the ability to bring their idea of informal elegance to every corner of the world. For over 40 years, Lardini is in fact synonym of style and of strong and contemporary taste. Refined but not rigid fabrics and that flower on jackets that evokes the pins of the 70s Nouvelle Vague, which is more than a signature, but wants to underline and give interpretation of a new hedonism and romanticism, and of a man who loves luxury and the distinction.

Precious raw materials and a tailoring experience for timeless elegance. Items designed for demanding and aware men that build a special relationship with the wearer. Corneliani, an Italian company founded in Mantova and always loyal to its origins, is one of the trademarks of savoir-faire and savoir-vivre. Refined and modern clothes, maximum expression of quality and versatility.

Gabriele Pasini
The stylistic identity of Gabriele Pasini is born from the fusion and reinterpretation of the Classical Sartorial School Partenopea. The brand offers uncompromising tailoring and an aesthetic that is at the same time classic and rebellious as the British elegance that has gone out of the box, giving life to a new form of expression of well dress. Soft fit, important lapels and a style that fully reflects the histrionic character and personality of the designer.

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