“Why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry Martini?” Robert Benchley

Iconic and versatile, symbol of timeless style. 

The raincoat has gone through the ages, unscathed from fashion, remaining one of the essential items and a big classic for every man’s wardrobe.

Made of gabardine or high-tech fabrics, the raincoat or trench coat is ideal for business people or urban travellers, regardless of their age and wearable with a tie or a sweater made of Shetland wool.

Here is our selection between legendary and contemporary brands to help you choose your raincoat.


Thomas Burberry is only 21 when he found in Basingstoke a brand destined to make fashion and costume history and which is now unchallenged synonym of raincoat. From the beginning, the raincoat is conceived as an item suitable for the British climate. Mr. Burberry thus invents and patents gabardine in 1888. Breathable and waterproof, light and easy to wear, this fabric is a real revolution in weatherproof clothing. Burberry trench, invented during World War I, becomes the uniform of the British Army, thanks to its functional design. The iconic tartan, motif used for lining, becomes one of the most recognisable signatures. Perfect for the city and conceived for a multilayer look, the trench coat revisited with modern proportions is made in England and is perfect to be matched with sartorial items just like denim and t-shirt.


Who said that the raincoat was born only in England? In Tuscany, more precisely in Empoli, the Landi family boasts an important history in the production of this item. This family-run business, handed down from father to son, tells a story of passion, tradition, sacrifice and Made in Italy. Nowadays, with the brand named L'Impermeabile, this business claims a key role thanks to a collection that revisits classic and timeless items bearing in mind the contemporary society. God save the Made in Italy.


Mackintosh is one of the most influential producer of raincoats in the world. Unparalleled expertise in the manufacturing of rubberised fabric and a constant evolution of design are the distinguishing features of this brand, that has become synonym of outerwear. The history of Mackintosh begins at the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, when the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh invents a new method to make cotton waterproof. The advantages are several and the Mackintosh or Mac coat soon achieves resounding success internationally. It is the first type of fabric boasting this cutting-edge waterproof technology: a real revolution of fabric and design.


Technology, art of tailoring and luxury woven together. Essential lines, refined but functional, shaping timeless outerwear, without any conformism and able to be in tune with one’s own style while glancing, at the same time, at fashion trends. Herno, an Italian brand that has become a reference point worldwide, suggests a high-tech performing item suitable for the city. Totally waterproof over time, with taped seams, windbreaker and breathable thanks to the GORE-TEX® inner membrane. This raincoat belongs to Herno Laminar line: a brand’s project of sartorial engineering.


After sun comes rain. These words might contain the essence of Stutterheim Scandinavian brand. Inspired to the classic raincoats used by anglers, its items suggest a simple look and focus on high visual impact, practicality and contemporary fits. Alexander Stutterheim reinterprets the raincoat: hand made of rubberised cotton in Sweden, each Stutterheim is signed and numbered in order to guarantee the best quality.