In 1955, Alfred Hitchcock was managing a movie destined to make history of the cinema and the fashion in Côte d'Azur: To Catch a Thief .

The main actor is Grace Kelly; she is an elegant, sophisticated and beautiful person, with a style and a regal allure that make her a timeless icon. 

Among our favourite scenes, surely there is the one located on the beach in front of Hotel Carlton, with Frances Stevens, who was wearing her yellow one-piece swimsuit and a ton sur ton band on the head covering her blond hair and finally the sunglasses with white frame. 

Today, that ethereal poetry, that delicate atmosphere, come back and with her, we live the rediscovery of the one-piece swimsuit, a deja vu that brings us back to the 50s, which speaks of Hollywood and whose lines are soft, impeccable elegance and sensuality are the protagonist.

You can wear it with a matched beach robe, but not only: the trend of this year needs it with a skirt or with a wide-leg pant to not be unnoticed.


The luxury French brand, famous for the production of swimsuit and woman’s lingerie, offers a deep purple swimsuit with yellow and green patterns on the front. The Eres items are realized with elastane, innovative fibres, satin and jacquard jersey and are able to shape the body of the women, correcting the aesthetic flaws: ideal for different shapes of female bodies.

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Lisa Marie Fernandez
offers the typical 80’s swimsuit. The inspiration comes from colour blocks and the details of the athletic clothing of those years that make these models real icons thanks to innovative Italian production techniques: made of crepe, seersucker, sponge, bonded neoprene, guarantying maximum performance, and fitting to the body to underline and sustain the curves. A must, it is impossible not to have at least one in the closet.

Melissa Odabash

Bond Girl 70’s is the inspiration for Melissa Odabash. The brand, since its beginning, has the aim to enhance the woman in her femininity and it offers a classic white swimsuit revisited in the details: the absence of shoulder straps and the ton sur ton waist belt with golden buckle, create a perfect hourglass silhouette and recall the eye. Because you do not have to be in Hollywood to feel like a star.


is a refined beachwear brand totally Made in Italy and dedicated to the women that stand out thanks to their elegance and naturalness. Among the product lines, Travaille is the one that completely celebrates the femininity. The swimsuits are embellished by black laces details here, which make them unique and super chic items.

Solid & Striped

The model Anne-Marie of Solid & Striped is a celebration of 60’s. The coral and marigold stripes and the deep neckline on the back make it a perfect item to wear on the Water Mill beaches drinking a cocktail or even in Amalfi Coast reading a book and with a straw hat. Dreaming has never been so easy.

It is the moment to feel and to act like a celebrity, enjoying the summer and leaving a mark. If you do not know how to do, keep calm, you can count on a flawless partner: one-piece swimsuit.

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