Via Manci 80, Trento (Trento), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 15:00-19:30
Tuesday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Wednesday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Thursday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Friday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Saturday 09:00-12:30,15:30-19:30
Sunday Closed


During Caneppele boutique's story, nothing happened by chance.

A story made out of passion, sacrifice, and intuition.

Mario's parents met, liked each other, and engaged at work, in the largest clothing store in the city, the Niccolini

Back in the days, during the 50s, years of transformations and hopes, his father decided to open his own business. 

So, the history of Caneppele knitwear beginsCarlo selects the wool in a warehouse in Carpi and goes to collect it with a Fiat 600, while his wife stays in the shop and knows the name of all his customers and knows that his shirts can be worn for a lifetime.     


Today the family tradition still lives thanks to Mario, who for years has been at the helm of the historic and elegant Caneppele boutique, a real reference for Trento and beyond.    

Here you can find the clothes that last, the beautiful ones. The expression of a cured, fair, and clean fashion is at the base of everything.

Here an attentive clientele, not clearly fashion' slaves. Here, where you can find an excellent selection of brands that best represent Italian taste, from tailoring to upper casual.

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