Chicchi Ginepri Murillo

Viale Murillo 23, Milano (Milano), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Tuesday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Wednesday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Thursday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Friday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Saturday 09:30-13:30,15:00-19:00
Sunday Closed


Chicchi Ginepri is an established Milan-based multibrand stores group that boasts four different apparel boutiques: two of them on Viale Murillo, respectively dedicated to men and women, and other two exclusively focused on womenswear, on Via Manin and Piazzale De Agostini.

The first boutique was founded on Viale Murillo in 1968, where young founder Chicchi and her mother took their first steps in the fashion world; in 1985, with the inauguration of the second store, the company changes its name from Mac 23 to a more represenative Chicchi Ginepri.

Over the years it gains more and more visibility and in 1990 expands with a new shopping reference in Piazza De Agostini.

Today the company is run by her son Augusto Ginepri, who reaches a new success level in 2000 with the opening of the store on Via Manin.

Inside Chicchi Ginepri Donna on Via Murillo clients will find clothing and accessories for women sourced from a unique array of coveted brands such as Chloé, Cividini, Incotex, Metradamo, Diane Von Furstenberg and Faliero Sarti.

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