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Highest quality, attention to details, a passion for tailoring and craftsmanship are Giuseppe Ancona distinction in the field of first rate men’s shirt.

Giuseppe takes is creative flare from and the name from his grandfather, who started in 1932 initiating a family tradition by opening a tiny handmade bespoke ties shop right in the heart of Martina Franca.

Giuseppe’s father and uncle, Raffaele and Franchino driven by the calling to tailoring, studied at the renowned ‘Scuola Modellistica Callegari’ in Bari as well as researched and practised in local laboratories to master the art of men’s fashion creativity and craftmanship.

In the mid-sixties strong of Apulian territorial heritage in the finest handcraft manufacturing Ancona dynasty gave life  to a proper textile production laboratory.

After many years of further studies and research, Giuseppe meticulously develops methods, tools and resources to create a e new product of the highest quality that blends old traditional handcrafting techniques with the most innovative technologies.

Each and every single phase of the manufacturing process is created, planned and executed exclusively inside the tailor’s own laboratory employing only highly specialised collaborators.

Use of the finest fabrics and accessories complement and guarantee excellence of the authentic Made in Italy.

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