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Olivari Moda

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Via 26 Aprile 55, Bagnolo Mella (Brescia), Italia
Phone number
Opening hours

Mon 15:00-19:30
Tue 08:30-12:30,15:00-19:30
Wed 08:30-12:30,15:00-19:30
Thu 08:30-12:30,15:00-19:30
Fri 08:30-12:30,15:00-19:30
Sat 08:30-12:30,15:00-19:30
Sun 15:00-19:00


Olivari is an important clothing store for men and women, located in via Aprile, Bagnolo Mella, in the Brescia district.

Antonietta and Giuseppe founded the store in the 50’s, offering wool and fabrics for handmade linen and underwear.

Thanks to the economic boom, requirements changed quickly and the store began to offer ready-to-wear.

Giancarlo, the owners’ son, started to select innovative and avant-garde proposal during 70’s and 80’s, offering prestigious and established brands in the multi-brand store.

Olivari Fashion is today a landmark for fashionistas, not only for the Brescia district, but also for the larger area. 


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