Calabro' Trend

Via Regina Margherita 175, Canicattì (Agrigento), Italia
Opening hours
Monday 16:30-20:30
Tuesday 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:30
Wednesday 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:30
Thursday 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:30
Friday 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:30
Saturday 09:30-13:00,16:30-20:30
Sunday Closed


Calabrò Group is a reference shopping destination in south Sicily, that boasts five boutiques in Canicatti and one in Agrigento, dedicated to men's and women's fashion, all located in the main streets of both cities, together with a modern online store created in 2011, result of a mix between the spirit of the boutiques and the immediacy of e-commerce, providing to worldwide Customers an impeccably shopping experience.

Founded in 1943 by Calogero Calabrò, this successful group has developped several years of experience in the apparel industry and a culture of "dressing well" carried forward from one generation to the next as a family tradition: what once was a small artigianal workshop, quickly turned into a boutique of tailored suits, which attracted the attention of the most  refined local clientele.

Combining tradition, innovation and sophistication, Calabrò has conveyed the Italian good taste, selecting the fashion brands which contribute to define a unique and easily recognizable style.

In 2003 it starts a big project that involves the opening of Fashion Area in Viale Regina Margherita, a 2.400 mq exhibition space which include, together with Calabrò Uomo and Calabrò Donna, Calabrò Trend entirely dedicated to denim and streetwear collections for young men and women, such as Ciesse PiuminiLiu JoManganoStone IslandRoy Roger's and Save The Duck.

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