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Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1948 after the separation from his brother Rudolph (founder of the Puma brand).

It is a multinational company based in Germany, leader in sports products for athletes and amateurs, characterized by the three strips logo.

Company took its name from the joining of "Adi", founder diminutive and first letters of his last name "Das".

Adidas is specialized in items for several sports and it is known for its high quality clothes which offer high performances, from soccer to skiing, run, high jump and swimming, wearing many athletes in Olympic Game and World Cups.

Adidas designed the legendary "Tango”, the official ball of the World Cup in 1978.

Adi Dassler died in 1978 and company management passed to his children.

Products range, stylistic choices, materials quality and its long lasting success are the main features of this industrial giant, a leader in sport products business.

This perfectly reflect its motto: "Impossible is nothing".

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