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Closed is a German label, with Italian origins, which produce, every year, four different total look lines, denim and casual wear, for men, women and kids.

The "young & stylish" brand mixes comfort, innovation and material, washes and treatments research. The Hamburg based company has revolutionized denim world of jeans in the 80's, proposing original cuts and fits.

Closed is linked to stone-washed treatment; the brand was born in Italy in 1979 launching the “Pedal Pusher”, a new design jeans, thought to not to get entangled in the bicycle chain.

German partners Gordon Giers, Hans Redlefsen and Til Nadler took over the company in 1992, redefining the style of brand with an international and sophisticated touch.

Brand proposes classic blue jeans or colourful designs, black denim, characterized by strong destroyed washing treatments, worn on sweater and tees.

Closed creates varied and dressed-up items, presenting woven sweaters, striped cardigans and cashmere pulls, with classic suits and military-inspired flannel trousers.

Outfits are enhanced by vintage accessories such as gloves, soft scarves and leather belts.

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