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Buscemi is a Los Angeles-based luxury shoes and leather goods brand founded in 2013 by Jon Buscemi.

In 2005 this creative designer was part of the team that founded cult American sneaker brand Gourmet, but after seven years he decided to leave the venture and to create something less commercial.

At Buscemi, the aim is to start a true american luxury brand: the products are at the top level of product-making, collaborating with the best manufacturing partners in the world.

The result is an intelligent and balanced design that’s unafraid of provocation. 

The company has produced a range of different products and accessories such as a dog leash decorated with real gold, a bag, a leather jacket, a leather tie and even a skateboard, but its sneakers have, by far, attracted the most attention.

Thanks the most prominent models in its collection, a sneaker with a buckle in the form of a slim belt and a lock which bears intentional similarity to that most iconic of Hermés bags, this brand continues its ascent from streetwear symbol to luxury icon.

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