Cinque brand di maglieria uomo da conoscere

Knitwear for Men

Cinque brand di maglieria uomo da conoscere
Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

"Winter is my favorite season. In summer I can't wait for the moment to put on my sweater and go for a walk." Sting

Style is a matter of details and whether it is fine cashmere or shetland, a crewneck, a turtleneck or a cardigan, the choice of knitwear for a man is a fundamental detail to underline one' style.

Passion for quality combined with the desire for modernity: here is our selection of the best knitwear for men.

Roberto Collina
Roberto Collina has been telling his story of Made in Italy excellence for over 60 years, thinking, creating and realizing all his knitwear collections in Italy. The company founded in 1953 in Crevalcore, a few kilometers from Bologna, makes sweaters synonymous with quality, design, and modern spirit. The result is a unique product characterized by the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, which makes Roberto Collina one of the most appreciated names withen the Italian and international scene.


Founded in 1770 in Dumfries in the Scottish Highlands, Drumohr has been owned by the Italian holding company led by the Ciocca family since 2006, active since 1912, in the production of knitwear and hosiery. Known for the original motif of the "razor blade" which becomes an icon and takes the name of biscottino (little biscuit) thanks to Gianni Agnelli, the Drumohr brand is still today, with its timeless aesthetic sense, a reference in the knitwear panorama. The new property has been able to give new impetus to the collections having the great ability to maintain the traditional origin of the yarns and to preserve the typically Scottish workmanship by translating everything with the Italian taste and savoir faire.


We write Howlin', we read Shetland. The Antwerp-born brand produces its jerseys in Scotland and Ireland, maintaining a traditional production approach, but leaving room for colors and patterns, where Fair Isle and color block designs are the absolute protagonists. Timeless, functional and original sweaters that survive time and fashion trends. Every single piece is made with local yarns according to high standards of quality and sustainability. Every step of production, from the first precise point to the delicate ironing and folding, is managed internally, including the fleece for classification, purification and dyeing before mixing, carding, spinning, twisting and palleting of colors to produce a unique Shetland yarn. A quality often imitated but impossible to duplicate.


The love relationship between fashion and the Fedeli family began in the 1930s, when Sir Luigi opened the doors of a small laboratory in Monza, dedicating himself to the production of hats, an essential accessory in the wardrobe of an elegant man. Only after the war and with the entry into the company of his son Nino, Fedeli became synonymous with knitwear. To inspire the young entrepreneur is a trip to Switzerland. As soon as he returned to Italy, he launched his challenge by importing new machinery for processing yarns he started to produce braided knitwear, the first to be made in Italy. Success arrives and with the flowing of time Fedeli becomes the first Italian company specialized in the production of cashmere knitwear. The Made in Italy company is now led by its third generation, this is thanks to Gigi Fedeli who has brought the brand and its heritage beyond the Italian and European borders. Simplicity and quality since 1934 to create sophisticated and timeless garments, dedicated to contemporary gentlemen.


Andersen-Andersen is a Danish family-owned company founded in 2009 by Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjàr-Andersen. Functional and unisex garments, inspired by the Danish maritime tradition. Just the typical ribbed jersey, divided by the sailor world, is one of the iconic garments of the brand. Scandinavian design, Made in Italy manufacture and exclusive use of the best merino wool, for durable and no-frills garments dedicated to all modern travelers and sailors.

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