For real gentlemen

Monk strap

For real gentlemen
Federico Galli
By Federico Galli

Symbol of timeless elegance, Monk Strap are the ideal shoes for men who want to stand out.

Thanks to their elegant allure, typical of a real Englishman, they represent a remarkable detail in every day’s look. Perfect to match with a top-quality suit, as well as with a pair of denims, Monk Straps are a versatile accessory, able to emphasise one’s own style.

Monk Strap are exclusive shoes that seem to have humble origins, so much that they can be considered as a winter evolution with straps and buckles of the sandals that the monks used to wear in the past when working the fields.

Whatever their real origin is, Monk Strap are today an essential element in the wardrobe of every gentleman who loves a classic style and is fascinated by tradition.

Tie the buckles and enjoy your reading.

John Lobb
Symbol of customisation and quintessence of men’s elegance, John Lobb has created exclusive shoes for over 150 years, real works of art for the most demanding gentlemen of the world. The monk straps of the brand founded in London in 1866 and owned by Hermès group since 1976 are an absolute icon of style, so much that they have been cited in 101 Things To Buy Before You Die, the very well-known manual written by the journalists Charlotte Williamson and Maggie Davis. John Lobb’s style is unique, modern and essential. Symbol of craftsmanship, comfort, duration and elegance, these shoes are manufactured in Northampton, boasting a production process of 190 hand passages!

Santoni perfectly blends aesthetics and craftsmanship. The passion for leather goods, especially for shoes, made the brand reach the summit of the Italian production in the shoe industry. Trailblazer of the Made in Italy, the fashion house founded in 1975 by Andrea Santoni and run today by his son Giuseppe stands out for design, luxury and extreme care of details. Santoni Monk Strap prove to have strong personality and unique style. The shade lightening the cut-out of the double buckle and the tongue make this shoe precious. The high-level range signed by Santoni is conceived for a contemporary dandy of timeless and austere charm.

Crockett & Jones
All began with a small factory located inside a building in Exeter Road, in Northampton, the English shoemaking capital. It is 1879 and the brothers-in-law James Crockett and Charles Jones found their brand specialised in the production of high-quality shoes characterized by Goodyear manufacturing. Today Crockett & Jones is still owned by the founding family, helmed by the fifth generation and represents and absolute point of reference in the international panorama. The brand’s British heritage materialises in the elegance of the shoes, high quality of the leather used and maniacal care of details.

The story of this brand is rooted even in 1675, when Stone Church, master shoemaker, begins to hand down his expertise in the art of the shoe industry. Almost after two centuries, his grandnephew Thomas, turned the family name into a world-famous brand. In 1999 Church's is purchased by Prada group, which finds a magic formula made of artisanal quality and new contemporary models, in the respect of the historical and typically British identity of the brand. An example? Without any doubt the iconic Shanghai, launched in 1929 and re-edited in 2009 after the finding of an original sample in Northampton factory. A revolutionary and cutting-edge model that has redefined men’s shoes and continue to do so still today. Conceived in the late 20s, thinking of travellers going to the eastern British colonies, Shanghai is a unique mix resulting from the fusion between a Monk strap and a Brogue, characterised by a vintage look obtained through hand ageing and the rubber sole with the logo Church Co.

The Italian brand Doucal’s, founded by Mario Giannini in 1973, blends the Made in Italy artisanal expertise with the British appeal. Mr. Mario’s passion for English shoes led him up to the British Shoe Manufacturer District where he could study more in depth the Monk Strap, always considered as an elegant shoe. The Doucal’s model in hammered leather is a perfect mix between classic and modern, versatile and elegant, suitable for both harsh looks and trendy styles.

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