Sneakers' evolution, from tennis shoes to an undeniable pass-partout


Sneakers' evolution, from tennis shoes to an undeniable pass-partout

Wimbledon tennis Tournament, 1972

Charles, Wales Prince, was attending the final between a young American man of 26 years old against Ilie Năstase on the bleachers. 

Stan Smith won, wearing the first leather tennis shoes branded Adidas

They were born in 1964 with the name “Haillet”, but after that Stan Smith demonstrated being the best talent in tennis, Adidas entitled the shoes with his name Stan Smith, becoming brand’s icon until today. 

This sneaker is white, for the first time not in fabric but in full leather, with three lines with little holes on the sides, with the name on the flap, clover on the heel and from the last years with the writing Adidas engraved.   

 The legend tells that a question has been asked to Stan Smith: “Are you born before the sneaker or not?”

Today, this model becomes an undeniable passe-partout, synonym of functionality and convenience, of no gender and contemporary fashion item.  

Which are the most desired luxury brands that everyone has to know for their ability to grow in a careful and nonconformist market?

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

From Venice with love, the brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand stands out for an innovative and handmade product. The style is sophisticated, both modern and vintage at the same time. The pattern of the upper continues on the soles, vintage effect takes over and the Star is its distinctive symbol.

Common Projects

Shape, function and materials. These are the fundamentals on which the brand, created by the collaboration between Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, is based on. The style is minimalist but really well finished in choosing the elements that make the sneakers. They have on the heel a little writing with numbers that identify the style, the material and the colour.

Philippe Model

The identity of Philippe Model is due to the perfect alchemy between brand heritage, the life in Paris during ’80, the Italian craftsmanship and the meeting with the stylist Paolo Gambato. Raised fussbett, handmade sole, finest materials are the main features that transformed a traditional sneaker into a new concept, until that time just for exclusive products.

The collection made in Italy for Soloviere is famous for its functionality, its upper cut and for the use of high-quality raw materials. Since 2014, Alexia Aubert, after many years working in fashion industry as co-worker of the most important brands,  founded her own brand with a specific focus: to create white t-shirt for the sneakers’ world.

Moa Master of Arts
The brand Moa Master of Arts, thanks to its innovative materials combined with a contemporary design, shows its art and creativity in sneakers. The designer team collaborates with artists who are dedicating to modern and refined collections, first of all Disney Capsule, perfect mix between a young brand and the history of comic strips.

Since 1964, from the launch of the first Stan Smith till today, maybe not many things are changed.. except the fact that the Millenials Cindarella is not anymore the romantic girl who waits her prince charming with crystal shoe, but a young lady with POP spirit who meets him in a sneaker’s store.

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