Maurizio Collection Modena

Via Emilia Ovest 1480, Modena (Modena), Italia


Maurizio Collection is a weel-known and appeciated shopping reference for a vast area between the provinces of Bologna and Modena. 

It was established in 1976, when the fabric store of the parents was transformed into Maurizio Abbigliamento, one of the first examples of multistore in Italy, underlining the company’s spirit of innovation.

Over the following years, the company gains a great success and this leads to the opening of sibling stores in Vignola and, in 2001, in Bazzano near to older Emporio Maurizio inaugurated in 1994.

Today Maurizio Collection boasts eight different stores dedicated to men's and women's fashion and since 2013 also an online store that offers its wide array of fashion proposals to an international audience.

Located at 1480 Via Emilia Ovest, Modena province, Maurizio Collection Uomo Grandemilia offers clothing and accessories collections exclusively dedicated to men, sourcing urban designer apparel brands like Jeckerson, Peuterey, Colmar, Individual, Colmar as well as Diadora, Crime London and Dr. Martens shoes.